SAAG Cinema Presents These Ways I Transgress (2018) Jeremy Moss 16mm to Video with Sound - 62 minutes

$7 | $5 for SAAG Members

November 29th, 2018

Monograph and SAAG Cinema are pleased to present Jeremy Moss’s first feature length film, These Ways I Transgress. A fantasia of post-indoctrination, immigration, and iconography. A pageant of wanderers and searchers: Mormon missionaries, a pioneer, polygamists, scouts, hunters, church-goers, and an aspiring prophet walk and walk and walk. A pilgrimage of memory, history, ancestry, and place. An experimental documentary that interrogates and explores the seeds of the filmmaker’s own religious indoctrination and eventual apostasy. He revisits the European landscapes where his ancestors were converted to Mormonism in the 1800s. He examines the desert places they colonized in the American West. He returns to Brazil and interviews individuals he had converted to the faith twenty years ago. These Ways I Transgress draws upon the modes of the essay film and surrealist documentary, and captures much of its retrospective and introspective content on hand-processed 16mm film. Directly manipulated and destroyed celluloid can mirror physical and emotional systems of erosion and decay where undetermined textures and artifacts remain after diverse refining processes and distillations. Through a series of formal and gestural transgressions, the film deals with the experience of conversion and indoctrination, the pain of apostasy, and the discomfort and contentment from never fully breaking free. Shot on location in Sweden, England, Northern Ireland, Brazil, upstate New York, the Great Plains, and the state of Utah. The film was completed at the Light Cone Atelier 105 post-production residency in Paris. Jeremy Moss was born and raised in Southern Utah, an area where the Mojave and Great Basin deserts meet. He is currently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and he teaches at Franklin & Marshall College. His work explores ritual, place, memory, and movement, as well as the forms, landscapes, and shapes that influence and inform meaning, experience, and perception. His films and videos often overlap a number of genres—including dance film, surrealist non-fiction, and film emulsion-based abstraction. He received his BA from the University of Utah in English Literature and his MFA in Film and Video Production from Ohio University.