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SYNESTHESIA: Juice Imports Wine Tasting

July 13, 07:00pm - 08:00pm

SYNESTHESIA: Juice Imports Wine Tasting
July 13, 2019
7 to 8 PM
Tickets $40

Enjoy a wine tasting event before the opening of our new exhibitions!

Have you ever heard a color, or felt the texture of a number? It is not as unusual as you might first think, in fact, it is a well documented phenomenon known as synesthesia. The condition links two or more senses. In some cases, numbers, letters, or names can trigger a neural response.

Erik Mercier, co-owner of the Calgary based Juice Imports, has an acute condition of synesthesia where his senses of hearing and taste are crossed. He thinks flavors as sounds, and sounds as flavors. Because of this, he has organized immersive synesthesia inspired wine tastings, pairing art with its equivalent wine.

Mercier’s company specializes in natural wine. This means the wines are made from organic or sustainably grown grapes, fermented with wild yeasts, and feature no additives (colour, flavour, sugar, tannin or stabilizers). This makes the wines vegan, with a noticeably different palate and flavours, and rare.

Special thank you to Erik Erik Mercier for sharing his knowledge and passion for fine natural wines, and to the fine people at Andrew Hilton Wine and Spirits for helping with wine sales at the tasting.

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